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We are passionate about two things Business and What good Point of Sale Ecosystem can do for it. Our expertise combined with industry leading POS systems is a recipe for a solid business solution.

Our Apps on Clover Market

Working closely with Merchants and Clover sales team we bring to market solutions that help our customers to run a perfect business. Follow the link below to learn more about the apps we brought to market and the apps we are working on.

Our Apps on Verfione Market

We are proud to work with Verifone Carbon 10 POS team. To become first authorized software developer for Verifone Merchant App Marketplace was a great honor for us. All this year we worked hard with Verifone team to bring you the apps on Verifone Carbon 10 POS.

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Whether you are an ISO or Sales Agent or sales employeewe we want to hear from you! Perhaps you are looking for a solution to help you make big sale or are you seeing a need to help with the sale of hardware or services. Are you looking for a solution for your customer or prospect call us we can help.

Clover POS Station the backbone of Meat Markets

Variable Price Barcode Parser
Thought Clover POS was just for Restaurants? Think again. Clover POS Station with Cash Drawer can be strategically placed anywhere in the store. While Clover POS has built in barcode scanner it also will work with Handheld scanners which can speed up the checkout process. You can choose to utilize any label printing enabled scale in your meat market and with the use of Variable Price Barcode Parser software on your Clover POS you would be able to scan the packages from any weigh and wrap department. You could keep track of your sales, your employees, your profits and item and season performance. Since Clover POS is connected to cloud you could do all the from the comfort of your home.